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Enjoy Our Rum Bundt Cakes

Our RumBundtcious Cakes are a signature treat brought from the Caribbean to the Pacific. Each delectable bite is a Gluten Free experience of island rum, authentic Irish butter, and bourbon vanilla. We marry these flavors to give you the perfect island getaway. This delicious Gluten Free rum cake is 8” round and serves 16-20 easily.


Original Recipe Rum Bundt Cake

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Seasonal Pumpkin Spice Rum Bundt Cake

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Lemon Rum Bundt Cake

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Espresso Rum Bundt Cake

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Chocolate Rum Bundt Cake

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Delicious – Gluten Free – Honest Ingredients

Being Gluten Free, Gluten Sensitive or Gluten Intolerant should not mean you have to sacrifice flavor and taste. That is why we set out to make a moist delicious cake by marrying the most honest ingredients of pure Irish butter that comes from grass fed cows with no growth hormones, fair trade organic turbinado raw cane sugar, high quality Bourbon vanilla bean extract, vegetarian cage free brown chicken eggs, organic fairly traded cocoa baking powder, lemons from a real lemon tree, authentic intense dark roast espresso, organic rice flour, and golden rich rum to make a Gluten Free delicious dessert the whole family, even the baby, can feel good about eating.


Our RumBundtcious Story



After seeing limited dessert options available for those living Gluten-Free, our founders set out to bake the most delicious desserts imaginable. Our signature Rum Infused Bundt Cake was born with the idea that Gluten-Free can be so delicious, and so moist that ANYONE can enjoy it on ANY occasion.

Although we have expanded our menu plenty of times, some things have never changed:

All of our desserts are Gluten-Free.

All of our desserts are Rum Infused.

Free of Artificial Preservatives.




LA – 323.768.4444


SD – 760.871.9999



Come In

(Baked Fresh: Please Give 48-hour Notice)

Available At:

Los Angeles Area Pick-up Location

10106 Riverside Drive

North Hollywood, CA 91602

San Diego Area Pick-up Location

675 B Street

San Diego, CA 92101